Whether you’re travelling across the United States or you’re heading overseas, it’s important to have access to your money and documents. Of course, it’s also crucial to ensure that these things are kept safe wherever you go. While many travelers consider their passports and cash to be a must-have when packing for a trip or vacation, they forget to give thought to how secure those things are.

Finding the best way to carry money and documents with you when you travel means discovering a way to keep those items secure, while still making them accessible. This is where secure money belts, neck pouches, and other accessories come in.

Sometimes, the best way to carry money and other crucial information with you in a place that you don’t know, or trust, is to hide it from sight. There are several different types of money belts and undercover pouches that can be concealed easily beneath your clothing, and each comes with a selection of pros and cons. Typically, it’s a good idea to look for money belts that are made out of comfortable, moisture-wicking material – so you don’t have to worry about adjusting them every couple of hours.

Another feature that might be helpful is RFID-blocking capabilities. RFID-block materials can be woven into money belts and pouches to ensure that you’re protected not only from physical theft, but digital pickpocketing at the same time.

So how can a money belt be the best way to carry money abroad? They’re designed to protect your valuables from thieves by convincing them there’s nothing on you to steal in the first place. By hiding beneath your clothing seamlessly, these belts ensure that malicious individuals can’t see your cash, passports, or credit cards. In other words, even if someone was to lift your bag from you at the beach, they wouldn’t have access to anything in your money belt.

Following the idea that the best way to carry money is to hide it, concealed pouches and neck wallets have been around for a number of years. Not only are these accessories comfortable to use – as they simply hang around the neck or over the shoulder beneath your clothing, they’re also incredibly lightweight and secure.

When choosing a neck pouch, be sure to select one made of high-quality materials, and with a strong, durable strap. The last thing you want is for your pouch to fall out from under your shirt because of a broken strap. Similarly, to money belts, it’s possible to buy these items with built-in RFID-blocking protection, which can be particularly beneficial if you’re planning on using them as a way to store your debit cards, credit cards, and passports.

Both money belts and neck pouches can offer useful ways of carrying your money and important documents without having to rely on the security of a standard wallet – or your jacket pocket. When it comes to staying secure when traveling, these accessories are appreciated by people across the world.

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