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Spring is right around the corner. In addition to spring cleaning, you also want to take advantage of the warmer weather to maintain your vehicle and save you money. Consider following this spring car maintenance checklist:

First, clean out your interior. If you’ve let trash collect in your car, spring is the perfect time to empty it out. You also want to vacuum your fabric upholstery or wipe down your leather upholstery. It is also helpful to remove any items from your trunk that may be weighing down your vehicle, as this can reduce your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

In addition to cleaning the interior, you also want to clean the exterior. During the winter, salt is used on the roads to improve traction and make driving conditions safer. However, salt can take a toll on your vehicle and lead to rust. Once the weather warms up, receive a car wash to remove any salt that has collected on your vehicle to stop premature aging.

The worst time to find out your air conditioning doesn’t work is when it gets hot out. Use the spring as a time to test your air conditioning to make sure it’s running right.

As the temperature changes, so does your tire pressure. To avoid a blowout or a flat, keep an eye on your tire pressure as spring approaches. You also want to look at the tread. If your tread is worn, it’s time to replace your tires.

Changes in temperature can also affect your vehicle’s battery. Give your car’s battery a look by lifting up the hood and inspecting the connectors. If corrosion has collected, clean this corrosion and start preparing for a replacement. Another way to tell if your battery is aging is if it has an unfavorable smell. You can additionally tell if your battery needs to be replaced if you have trouble starting your car or need to jump your car in order to get it to run.

Lastly, look under the hood of your vehicle this spring. If you’re due for an oil change, now is a great time to get one done. In addition to changing your oil, have your other fluids inspected. Your coolant fluid, radiator fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and so on can all be topped off this spring to help your vehicle run as well as possible.

Follow these tips to care for your car and save some money this spring.